Jan 2019 - Mar 2019
Researched with Katie Johnson

The Labs Design Team is a small group of product designers and researchers within ConsenSys. They offer focused user research, UX design, and design strategy to startups being incubated in the ConsenSys ecosystem. I briefly joined them as a junior researcher while they tested a new accelerated process with a couple of brand new products. I've focused here on one of those, TAL. TAL is a platform and protocol for dis-intermediated crypto backed loans. I helped Katie execute a research plan aimed at bringing an MVP of this product to market within 3 months and contributed to team strategy meetings.

Design Thinking Workshop

We started out with design thinking sessions between the product team and the design team. We identified mission, assumptions, target user groups, and a roadmap

Generative Research

I assisted Katie with interview guides for generative research. We wanted to validate assumptions we had found in the workshop and gain direction.

Co-Design Sessions

We used learning from generative research to frame several co-design sessions with users. The goal was to identify and sketch out their ideal flow and gain a really concrete understanding of their needs.

Usability Testing

Once the prototype was built, we wrote guides for, and set up a round of usability testing. I then card sorted results to easily surface trends in feedback

Moving On

TAL will be launching sometime in mid April, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the accelerator!